Monday, October 4, 2010

a special summer | personal

hey, world wide web. i've been off my blog for awhile.
almost lost my mama this summer.

august 4, 2010 with my trenkletoes
oregon rehabilitation center, eugene

she had a severe brain-bleed stroke in july and spent the summer in my home rehabilitating after emergency brain surgery.

she was about ready to go home the first week of september when she had another stroke.

on the opposite side of her brain.
it was devastating.

i know some of you follow me on facebook and have supported me, my family, my mama through prayer and encouragement and provision for our practical needs as we muscled through the past 10 weeks.

i want to thank each of you for journeying with us.

as hard as these past weeks were, i know that it will be an incredibly special season i will look back on with such gratitude. i consider it a gift that my mama was here with me when it all happened. i saw her hanging on by a thread and i saw her fighting like a champion. i saw her at her weakest and i was with her when she was healthier than she's been in years. i cannot express all that i've learned through it all without weeping.

i was away from my desk for almost 3 months.
and i am forever changed.

i look forward to working with some of you as i resume my projects from spring/early summer and i want to thank you for the grace you gave for me to take care of my family. i look forward allowing the well of creativity that has been building up within me, to burst forth... just as the colors of autumn are reflecting a new season is upon us...

if you'd like to know more about our story, find me on facebook and check out my Notes tab. i've shared my heart there.

(c) 2010 {captivating} photography

Friday, July 9, 2010

especially for my IDAHO peeps | *twinkling* family sessions | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

stylishly vivid, custom lifestyle photography for charmingly fresh, stylishly fun people! i'm all about capturing you and bringing out the life and color, love, joy and grace in each image! and since i'm going to be back home in IDAHO -- monteview & idaho falls -- for several days next month, i'm excited to announce that i'll be offering *twinkling* mini-sessions... idaho style!

august 17th & 18th
book a {solo} or {style} session!
limited number of sessions available.
southeast idaho locations TBA.
i'll be scouting for both urban and rustic spots upon arrival, but hey...

submit your location ideas here, in comment form, and if your suggestion is chosen, you win a complimentary 5x7 from your *twinkling* session.

contact me thru my website or thru facebook for more info!


birthdays & such | personal | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

here i am again.
busy behind the scenes.
this time with behind-the-scenes type stuff.
mommy stuff.
wifey stuff.

my baby turned 2.
my youngest son turned 4.
we celebrated our anniversary (no.9) this week.

i have two weeks to wrap up all my un-done-ness.
my husband and i are leading a mission trip to mexico for EPIC our high school youth group on 7.24 and i have to dot my i's and cross my t's before then because right when we get back, i'm on the road to IDAHO to visit my folks & allow the family to spoil my trenkletoes for a bit.

so, the goal is to tackle my to-do list with a vengeance and still make time to feed the children, play in the sprinklers, bake in the sunshine and smooch my man. if you're waiting for {captivating} photo goodness, rest-assured you will not be neglected!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

dutch baby | {solo} session | roseburg, oregon children's photographer, kellie trenkle

and here we are again with little miss anna... she must be the poster child for {captivating} or something. she's always on here! here's the deal... mama is on the {captivating} team, so we must highlight her firstborn child over and over and over again!

anna's parents, will & krystal, chose the location for their daughter's 18mo portraits because of the DAFFODILS! krystal (and now anna) is a dutch girl and wore the little duds she put on anna when she was this same age... now those are the SWEETEST hand-me-downs, yeah? vintage all the way, baby.

we shot at the quaint little calapooia church near umpqua, oregon, where (ahhhem) will & krystal were married nearly 5 years ago! so a really fun, special little session.

{solo} sessions are 1-subject sessions and are perfect for high school seniors, bebeGLAM, mamaGLAM, etc... you can read about them in my information section on my website!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

chris + melissa = married! | wedding | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

on the 29th of may of twenty-ten,
chris and melissa said, "I Do!"
and you know what made their day memorable?

their ceremony began with a sunrise within the church sanctuary.

chris walked melissa down the aisle to the altar as melissa griffith.
and walked the recessional with a mrs. melissa mcghee on his arm.

this couple chose to bring the outdoors IN for their church wedding.

(oh, so many incredible details -- a truly PHENOMENAL wedding & reception put together by an amazingly talented creative GENIUS (imho), mr. andrew calvert of the perfect occasion! trust me, so much more of this goodness deserves to shine in its own post! stay tuned!)

melissa, chris... i hope your honeymoon has been wonderful!
here's of preview of my {captivating} bride and groom!

sit back, relax, bask... i can still feel their joy. i wonder if you can, too!

(c) 2010 | kellie trenkle
captivating photography & design co.

chris + melissa = married! | wedding | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

let's say you're single. and you work-out.
at the Downtown Fitness Club.

let's say someone catches your eye.
a few times.
and you seem to work-out about the same time as that someone each time you're there.

let's say, that the more often that someone catches your eye, the more thirsty you are, so you linger at the water fountain for a few more slurps. and read every jot & tittle on the hallway notices, just to keep that someone within sight for just a skoshe longer than yesterday.

let's say that you finally get up the nerve to smile at that someone and hold their gaze for a bit. And then you happen to leave at the same time and that someone drives the looooong way out of the parking lot just to have the opportunity to wave "good night."

after he did that. she soooooo asked him out. (was it before or after the time she nearly fell off her elliptical machine peering over the edge from the loft? oh yes, she very nearly & truly FELL for this guy.)

it's still heavy with the midnight air and the skies their darkest blue when her date showed up to drive them to a ridge in the country. their first hours together were spent watching the sun rise over the Callahan mountains.

pink and orange clouds.
cool blue mountains, dewy hues of green.
hints of golden sunshine.
and a promise of another day.

chris & melissa's love sparked at dawn that day.
three years later, they vowed to give each other all of their tomorrows.

(let's just say, you will want to check back to see their {captivating} may 29th wedding images!)

(c) 2010 | kellie trenkle
captivating photography & design co.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Josh Bidwell 5th Annual Golf Classic + Equmen = Hole In One | Special Events | Oregon Lifestyle Photographer, Kellie Trenkle

What do Yvenson Bernard, Alexis Serna, Tony Hargain, Steve Baack, Darrall Imhoff, Drew Davis, Blaise Bedolla, Bryon Smith, Saul Patu, Jordan Kent, Tim Euhus, Gregory Harrison all have in common?

Ask.com probably couldn't even tell you. But. Maybe if you typed in the question, it might think really hard and come back with "sports" or "testosterone." Mostly True. Thoroughly True.

But the real answer is Josh Bidwell.
He's their mutual friend.
And now mine!

See, Josh Bidwell calls Douglas County, Oregon "home."
And every year for the past five years, he's hosted a golf tournament at the Roseburg Country Club. Not for his own self or to show off because he has a bunch of famous buddies.

Nope. It's a benefit deal.
For the youth of Douglas County. For Roseburg's Community Cancer Center. For the local chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

The Josh Bidwell Foundation hosts a Kick-Off event (because, Josh is a pro PUNTER, ya see), a Gala dinner & live auction and wraps up with the Tournament on the final day. Trent Drake, Dennis Dietrich, Jaymie Yraguen, Erika Maritz and Dan Hern were part of this year's committee. They did a phenomenal job!

Erika called me earlier this year to see if I'd like to donate a custom photography package for the auction and I said YES before she even finished her sentence! I love being part of my community and giving back -- we Trenkles are a family who has been blessed by others more times than I can count and it's an honor to offer up my time to benefit the youth of our community!

And then a crazy thing happened after I committed to partner with the Bidwell Foundation.
Josh Bidwell partnered up with Equmen.

"What is Equmen?" you might say and then skedaddle on down the post and foregddaboutit.
Well, let me tell you, once I explain what it is, there's no way you'll forgeddaboutit.

Equmen is a maker of men's fitwear and shapewear.
Compression undergarments.
Yes, like socks.
But also compression undershirts and underwear.

I'll just give it to you straight.
Equmen fitwear does for guys what BODYShapers do for women.
Like a man-girdle with both Aesthetic benefits and Health benefits.
Core Precision.
(You've got to check out their website. But first read the rest of my story.)

Josh told me he loved the support and feel of the t-shirts so much that he called the company directly to order a bunch of them. And VOILA! A friendship between Josh and Equmen began.

Why am I telling you all this?

(Because I was about to tell you what else was crazy about getting involved with the Bidwell Foundation.)

Equmen needed a photographer to capture sports action and editorial images for their promotional use. And the Foundation suggested they hire... me.

So remember I said in the previous post I had some crazy busy behind-the-blog type stuff going on? This was one of those things. Equmen is a global company with its home office in Sydney, Australia! You can purchase their precision-wear online thru their website or it's only available in the U.S. at Saks Fifth Avenue stores and just recently, Nordstrom's of Seattle.

And so, my husband and I and our {captivating} team spent 3 days covering the events and visiting with Michael, Equmen's marketing director, and hanging out with what all of us Oregonian captivating-ites lovingly dubbed the Equ-Mannequin.

Good times! Everyone loved the Equ-Mannequin!

Darrall Imhoff is the super tall guy leaning on Krystal in the image on the left and using my husband as a leaning post in the image on the right. He is 6'11"! He was on the 1960 Summer Olympics Championship Basketball team AND he played in the NBA for 12 years, finishing his basketball career with the Portland Trailblazers!

And this guy is Yvenson Bernard. Check OUT his smile! He plays for the Canadian Football League -- the Winnipeg Blue Bombers -- and he's raising crazy money for Haiti-Relief. He has a sibling living down there! Yvenson was his charming self in the gift-suite (left image) and on the course. Donate to his cause, yo!

Tony Hargain, the camera likes you! Yep, another charmer.
Tony played for the NFL and graduated from the University of Oregon.

Pictured above is actor, Gregory Harrison.
And Equmen's own Michael Flint giving away more Equmen swag.

Equmen specifically asked for sports action shots while we were at the Tournament. Here's Josh Bidwell's golf swing. Every Bidwell Classic golfer I've talked to said they knew how to improve their golf swing after seeing it like this. I wonder what Josh would say about his form?

Sooooooo... Yes, last month, for me, was a hole-in-one!
Crazy busy.
Crazy fun.

So, hey, here's a final shout out for Josh...

Visit the Community Cancer Center and tour one of the most amazing facilities in the Pac Northwest! Drop by Josh's websites to learn more about his Foundation: The Josh Bidwell Foundation, 5th Annual Josh Bidwell Celebrity Golf Classic.

And to view or purchase Celebrity Golf Team pictures, visit my website and click on Photo Boutique! And to see more Gala and Golf fun thru {captivating} images, find me on facebook or click here to view the facebook album!

Thank you, Equmen and Josh and the Bidwell Foundation for the privilege of working with all of you!

(c) 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh yeah! i have a blog? | {captivating} photography by kellie trenkle

i just took a peek at my blog.
it's been nearly 2 months since my last post.

i'll tellya... i've had some good stuff going on behind the scenes of this neglected blog page.
i have been crazy busy with sports, special events, seniors and hey, my little ol' life with the man and my babes, of course!

visit my facebook page to see what i'm up to.
and take a peek at my website at http://www.kellietrenkle.com -- it's (as per usual) always a work in progress.

and head's up:
i've been thinking ahead to father's day.

it's one of those bittersweet days for me.
my own daddy has been gone since i was 17. i was a daddy's girl! still am. and so that's the bitter plus the sweet. (you can read more about that here and here, even here.)

it's sweeter now because healing has come. it's sweeter still because i am married to a man who adores his daughters. watching them reminds me what is was like to once be adored and loved and held by my own. there's nothing like a father's love. or the Father's love.

i spent this weekend in a cabin on the Oregon coast with some friends. it was sooo good for my soul. i came home refreshed and revived and ready, AGAIN, to be a daughter with a higher calling. to be a wife who prays for her husband. to be a mama who prays for her children.

not just in the midst of chaos or those "aaaghhghg!" moments or right before bed.
but purposefully and practically.

it reminded me to remember to remember.
father's day is coming.
and i have something {captivating} planned for those who are daughters.
and for those who are fathers.
it might be small.
it might be big.
it will be special.
we'll see how it comes together...


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby T | newborn session | roseburg, oregon children's lifestyle photography

welcome to the world, elijah michael.
i found you absolutely captivating.
your temperment is so sweet.
but i'm not surprised.

i loved watching marybeth in her new role
as {beautiful} mama
holding her firstborn.

there's nothing sweeter than baby's breath and that soft newborn gaze.
is there?
although, gramma rubbing marybeth's tootsies was sweet.
and auntie hannah was preparing a feast in the kitchen
while daddy painted the doors to elijah's closet, too,
was all very sweet,
but the baby's breath
and soft skin
and sweet little nursing noises
and the fresh bebe aroma
tops all, in my book.
{i love being a photographer.
but not as much as i love being a mom.
there's no greater joy, marybeth.
relish every moment.}

yay, for Thompsons, party of three!

the leap! | a little about me | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

I’m Kellie Trenkle, of captivating photography & design co., located in southern Oregon.

I’m the girl with the camera and the vision. I have a full-time cheerleader/assistant/left-brained-genius-ista and a team of encouragers – my volunteer V.P.’s that for the past decade have encouraged me to step-up and embrace my creative vision and passion for photography.

My husband is my business manager. He’s got some serious smarts about the business side of things (with nearly 2 decades of upper management on his resume), and my four babes (ages 6 & under) are my inspiration, my models, and my cheerleaders.

I’ve always loved & treasured photos, but when my husband and I bought a Minolta film SLR camera for our 2001 wedding, I was hooked on being behind the lens and creating that short & sweet depth of field in my shots.

Fast-forward 7 years and four busy kiddos later, I was browsing CraigsList one night at 2:00a.m. looking for something additional I could do to help supplement our income. “Just making it” can be challenging at times.

I’ve been freelancing as a graphic designer & marketing consultant since 2003. It was pretty casual, about one design job per month, which was the perfect workload with my babes being so young, while we were simultaneously serving full-time as youth leaders for EPIC, our high school youth group, and homeschooling our oldest. We were already a busy family and I always wanted being a wife and mom to come first for me.

So, like a crazy woman, I sat at the computer contemplating creating Google ads, filling out online surveys for $2.50 for every 500,000 questions, or telemarketing. I even got lured into looking at a surrogacy website from one of the job listings (hey, $20,000 to carry a baby? I KNOW I’m good at that!).

[Ridiculous! Don’t try making any career decisions in the middle of the night – you’ll end up with lots of spam.]

Anyway, the next morning, my husband looked at me earnestly and said, “Babe, you don’t have time for a “job.” (True.) “But I know what you’re passionate about. God’s put some desires in your heart and if you’re wanting to bring in income, do what you’re passionate about – that’s where His will is.” And off to work he went. I got a call literally later that same day from a friend who wanted to know if I’d ever considered getting into sports team photography. “Funny you should ask…”

That week, I applied for a business license. I voraciously read several technical photography books, including Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, devoured everything written by Scott Kelby, bought a 50mm, joined some online forums, subscribed to kelbytrainingonline.com and would later take a class at the Umpqua Valley Arts Center. Late October 2008, I took the leap of faith going from freelancing to giving my dream a name – captivating photography & design co.

{This post was written in response to a 2009 interview published online by a professional printing company I use, you can also read it here on my blog in it's entirety.}

Saturday, March 6, 2010

a FRAGRANT love | personal | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

I'm @ WPPI in Las Vegas, huge opportunity and huge gift. My lab covered my costs. I've mentioned before that I want to marry them. And they take me to Vegas? There are chapels all over. But I'm happily married to my catch of a husband, so it's a non-issue. But still! I get to meet my friends face-to-face for the first time!

It just so happens to be the same week that I lost my dad. 14 years ago. Today actually.
I always like to record what's on my heart during the week of his memorial. For myself. For my kids. For my heart. And for my dad.
I was seventeen when we lost him. You can read my thoughts over at my family blog!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

babysitters then bellies | maternity | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

you know the nursery rhyme.

first comes love.
then comes marriage.
then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

well, for us, first came the babysitter.
{it's my story, i'll weave it how i wanna.}

make that two babysitters.
hannah and marybeth cared for our children for 3 or 4 solid years.
they were the first teens we trusted with our babes.
they were the first HUMAN BEINGS we left our children with overnight.
{we have no relatives here in southern oregon.}
these girls were a CATCH.

and a couple of gentlemen have found that to be true, too. {but that's another post.}

today's episode belongs to marybeth.
my husband, bryan, officiated marybeth and aaron's wedding almost two years ago.
and today they are headed to the hospital to deliver their first child!

take a peek at marybeth's pregnacious beauty and catch a glimpse of the lovey-doveyness that these still-newlyweds share.

can't wait to meet babyT!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i'm sweet on him | personal | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

one decade ago today, i gave my best friend a hug. the very first one. ever.

my dad always used to say that my mom chased him until he caught her.

that's what happened with bry and me.
he was soooooo into me.

and then finally i pulled it together.
and realized i was soooo into him right back.

after 9 months of him being just "one of the guys," my sister totally called me out on it.

she told me, "Dude. Kell. We know you are in love with him. Just admit it. You know you do. And it's OKAY. Just love him!"

it was like one of the most major epiphanies of my adult life.

all of a sudden instead of feeling nervous and hesitant and reluctant to embrace a serious relationship, it all made sense to totally plunge head first into the safety and comfort and steadfastness of his love. he was my BEST friend. DUH.

and so... epiphany happened in late January.
and so... the revelation of my feelings for him would go public that Valentines Day.

i slipped a card into his car the night before.
but he didn't know.
we hung out. we were cool.
ya know.
i went home.
the next morning?
everything would suddenly be different.

the card read:

and BAM!
sparks, fireworks, standing ovation, heavens opened up, stadium lights went on, angels sang HALLELUJAH!

and he one-upped me with a dozen long-stem roses and a card that read:

you are still my man and my best friend.
you are strong and funny.
you are purposeful and driven.
you are tender.
you are faithful and loving.
you never stop trying.
you never stop growing.
you never stop leading.
you never stop praying.
you never stop being.
you are tested and tried.
you are true to the blue.
where i am chaos and crazy,
you are order and logic.
where i am spontaneous and impulsive,
you are practical and steady.
where i am weak,
you are strong.
when i cling to my Lord,
you are there clinging, too.
even as we are two,

i love our story.
so many paragraphs and pages.
a billion different moments.
5 beautiful children, the fruit of our love.
you [still] are EVERYTHING that i love.

i sooooo love that you hugged me back.
but somehow... i knew you would.
be mine forever, baby. be mine forever.

winner-winner... | SweetHearts CONTEST | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

winner, winner... chicken dinner!
er, uh... winner, winner... night out @ the MOVIES! and $50 in {captivating} print credit goes to a roseburg family who has been in front of my lens before -- Julia Otis!

thanks to all who entered!!! Jill, Will/Krystal, Julia, Khara, Megan: your SweetHeart pics gave me tummy flips. i'm a dork, i know, but they were really fun to read. thanks for playing along! bryan has learned to humor me over the years and this was a case in point.

funny thing. it was actually me who asked him to do the marryin'. and then he bought a ring and proposed on his terms, but that's another story!