Monday, October 4, 2010

a special summer | personal

hey, world wide web. i've been off my blog for awhile.
almost lost my mama this summer.

august 4, 2010 with my trenkletoes
oregon rehabilitation center, eugene

she had a severe brain-bleed stroke in july and spent the summer in my home rehabilitating after emergency brain surgery.

she was about ready to go home the first week of september when she had another stroke.

on the opposite side of her brain.
it was devastating.

i know some of you follow me on facebook and have supported me, my family, my mama through prayer and encouragement and provision for our practical needs as we muscled through the past 10 weeks.

i want to thank each of you for journeying with us.

as hard as these past weeks were, i know that it will be an incredibly special season i will look back on with such gratitude. i consider it a gift that my mama was here with me when it all happened. i saw her hanging on by a thread and i saw her fighting like a champion. i saw her at her weakest and i was with her when she was healthier than she's been in years. i cannot express all that i've learned through it all without weeping.

i was away from my desk for almost 3 months.
and i am forever changed.

i look forward to working with some of you as i resume my projects from spring/early summer and i want to thank you for the grace you gave for me to take care of my family. i look forward allowing the well of creativity that has been building up within me, to burst forth... just as the colors of autumn are reflecting a new season is upon us...

if you'd like to know more about our story, find me on facebook and check out my Notes tab. i've shared my heart there.

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