Friday, May 15, 2009

To Dance!

Kennady, our little ballerina!

I wonder often if I could get any more done or live any fuller if I was allowed 20% more hours in my day. I've been wishing I had a twin version of myself to help me accomplish everything I need to get done. She could conquer the To-Do list and I could just be the "fun one" who gets to hang out with my camera and my family! Oh, but I LOOOOOOVE what I do. Soooooo, here is a glimpse into a big project that I've been working on over the past several weeks.

(75 images)

"I [HEART] DANCE"(490 images)

(1,000 images)

Celebration Street Christian School of the Performing Arts asked me to capture studio life thru photography for their posters advertising their annual showcase coming up next month. Laura & Sasha asked for a collage and they ended up with a series of 4! I am so excited to see the finished work AND to make a GINORMOUS checkmark next to it on my master list! These posters are 11x17 in real life, but if you double-click on them, you can see them a bit larger web-res style. We will also be offering the images that made up these collages as keepsake prints at the showcase as a fundraiser for Celebration Street. If you get a chance, buy tickets for the showcase and come see some amazing dancers on June 13th at Jacoby Auditorium.

(490 images)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Totally Rad Fun!

Hey, it's my good buddy Curt gettin' all famous on the WWW. Curt definitely had style and edge and I had an awesome time hanging out with him while we captured some senior portraits. One of his images (and one of my faaaaaves) ended up on the Totally Rad Recipes website. Now, that's Totally Cool. Dude.

Check him out HERE!