Sunday, February 14, 2010

i'm sweet on him | personal | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

one decade ago today, i gave my best friend a hug. the very first one. ever.

my dad always used to say that my mom chased him until he caught her.

that's what happened with bry and me.
he was soooooo into me.

and then finally i pulled it together.
and realized i was soooo into him right back.

after 9 months of him being just "one of the guys," my sister totally called me out on it.

she told me, "Dude. Kell. We know you are in love with him. Just admit it. You know you do. And it's OKAY. Just love him!"

it was like one of the most major epiphanies of my adult life.

all of a sudden instead of feeling nervous and hesitant and reluctant to embrace a serious relationship, it all made sense to totally plunge head first into the safety and comfort and steadfastness of his love. he was my BEST friend. DUH.

and so... epiphany happened in late January.
and so... the revelation of my feelings for him would go public that Valentines Day.

i slipped a card into his car the night before.
but he didn't know.
we hung out. we were cool.
ya know.
i went home.
the next morning?
everything would suddenly be different.

the card read:

and BAM!
sparks, fireworks, standing ovation, heavens opened up, stadium lights went on, angels sang HALLELUJAH!

and he one-upped me with a dozen long-stem roses and a card that read:

you are still my man and my best friend.
you are strong and funny.
you are purposeful and driven.
you are tender.
you are faithful and loving.
you never stop trying.
you never stop growing.
you never stop leading.
you never stop praying.
you never stop being.
you are tested and tried.
you are true to the blue.
where i am chaos and crazy,
you are order and logic.
where i am spontaneous and impulsive,
you are practical and steady.
where i am weak,
you are strong.
when i cling to my Lord,
you are there clinging, too.
even as we are two,

i love our story.
so many paragraphs and pages.
a billion different moments.
5 beautiful children, the fruit of our love.
you [still] are EVERYTHING that i love.

i sooooo love that you hugged me back.
but somehow... i knew you would.
be mine forever, baby. be mine forever.

winner-winner... | SweetHearts CONTEST | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

winner, winner... chicken dinner!
er, uh... winner, winner... night out @ the MOVIES! and $50 in {captivating} print credit goes to a roseburg family who has been in front of my lens before -- Julia Otis!

thanks to all who entered!!! Jill, Will/Krystal, Julia, Khara, Megan: your SweetHeart pics gave me tummy flips. i'm a dork, i know, but they were really fun to read. thanks for playing along! bryan has learned to humor me over the years and this was a case in point.

funny thing. it was actually me who asked him to do the marryin'. and then he bought a ring and proposed on his terms, but that's another story!

Friday, February 12, 2010

time to VOTE! | SweetHearts CONTEST | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

here's the SweetHearts POLL!
these fun peeps chose to enter my contest.
you can read about it here.

with your votes they will win:
$50 print credit for a future 2010 captivating photography session
2 movie tickets

vote for your fave as often as you wish -- up to every 3 hours!
the poll will close at 12noon on Valentine's Day!

and hey -- share this poll on facebook so all your friends can vote!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SweetHeart GLAM | contest | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

you know, four captivating SweetHeart GLAM sessions isn't very many, kinda exclusive -- see previous post for the 411 -- so here's an added bonus: i'll give away $50 in print credit for a future 2010 session to the person who writes the most creative SENTENCE with SweetHearts candies.

  • write your sentence in SweetHeart candies.
  • it can be funny, cute, romantical.
  • BUT! it has to be written as if it's to me.
  • as if it was from my husband.
  • right before he asked me to marry him. (just pretend!)
  • be clever!
  • take a snapshot of your sentence. (make it a convo, if you'd like.)


  • email or text the picture to me with your name (and social security number).
  • post your pic to facebook, asking peeps to vote for your prose on my blog.
  • but you have to tag me in the photo {Kellie Michelle Trenkle} and copy/paste my blog address {http://www.vividly-captivating.blogspot.com/} as your caption for a chance to WIN!
  • i'll post the images to my blog, contest-style, complete with one of those fancy polling doo-dads and then those of you captivating peeps out there will choose the winnah!


  • deadline is 2/10.
  • winner announced on valentines day!!!
  • $50 in print credit and, eh, why not, 2 movie tickets, can be YOURS!!!
  • and don't worry, i was totally kidding about the SS#. just send me your mother's maiden name.