Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the beauty of strings attached | DCYO | oregon concert & live performance photographer, kellie trenkle

so, this is my friend, Kristin Riley. she's one of those women you wonder, "How in tarnation does she do it?" she's a mom, a wife to a big shot soldier guy deployed at the moment (thank you, Eric, we trenkles love ya!), a professional violinist, a violin teacher, a concertmaster, a conductor, a soccer coach, a marathon running fool... and probably two-dozen other things, but i'm out of breath just typing this. trust me, she loves being involved. and she's good at what she does.

the Umpqua Symphony has a youth orchestra, did you know that? last night was the Douglas County Youth Orchestra Winter Concert. Kristin is the orchestra director for DCYO (see? go ahead and cross that off the list of things she doesn't do, that might be easier.) she and i have been talking about having me come to a performance to capture some concert shots. and yay! i did just that. i also got to hear some EPIC youth group kids -- serious stars with strings -- good job, guys! so, i was a mover and a shaker all over the place capturing shots for Kristin.

here are a couple of my faves. this first one is a snapshot of her boys and her daughter all snuggled up with Gramps, watching Mom from a few rows back.

i was allowed off-stage. it's a good thing Kristin gave me some boundaries or i would have been so tempted to boogie in and out of the rows, capturing every little musician! (and it's probably not good concert etiquette to stand on a piano just to "get the shot," so, these couple images were from plain ol' stage left.)

and a wide angle...a personal fave from last night.

i loved the glimmer of light on the instruments, the dramatic shadows, the hum and harmony of the strings. this is today's equation: beautiful strings + budding musicians + 3 talented conductors = me wanting to be a Cello player when i grow up.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SweetHeart GLAM | Jan 23 | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

who makes that heart of yours pitter-patter? let's talk GLAM.
will you book a session for your little cherubs -- or -- book a session for you?

now only on Saturday, January 23
captivating is offering only four SweetHeart GLAM sessions!


*25-minute session and 20-minutes to spend previewing/ordering your images!
*includes $20 complimentary print credit
*session fee due at time of booking to secure your spot
*two packages available (special offers for children's photography & for you-photography!)

get in on this exclusive goodness -- first person to book their SweetHeart GLAM session receives an additional $15 in print credit! you want to win, right??? shoot me an email and we'll get you set up!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

just be mama | personal | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

So, my captivating friends, stay with me. The TrenkleToes got hit with a tummy bug and high fevers. I have not forgotten you. I am just nursing the babes back to health.

I've been purposefully taking things slowly since 12/26. I'm resting when my 4 kiddos do.

It's important TO ME and FOR ME to sloooow down.
And smell the roses, coffee, cucumber melon baby wash, husband's aftershave (mmmm-mmmmm) and the clean-linen fabric softener lately. Do you ever feel like life just whizzes by? Without even asking permission.

There are no do-overs.
And trust me, I've looked far & wide for a clone for my bad self, but they don't sell such unique craziness in stores.

2009 was stellar. Beyond what I even imagined the level of stellar could be! As the year came to a close I made a decision to have a fruitful, restful, purposeful month of January to kick off 2010. I'm taking time this month to refresh. To revise. And get revitalized.

I have a tendency to just go full-boar (full-bore?) on stuff (yes, that dreadful all-or-nothing lie that I believe) and it may not be the right "stuff" for that time. (Like WHY. Seriously, does the garage really need vacuumed with the WetVac? There's crumbs, let's just say, all over my living room carpet, but I was vacuuming the garage floor when I put all my Christmas away in storage... Okay, never mind, I'm losing you.)

It might sound weird when I finally get to the point, but when my oldest boy (my main man, Bryson) came to me Thursday asking for prayer, I felt God say to me, "You just be Mama."

Bryson had a bad headache right smack dab on the top of his head and would I please pray for Jesus to make it better. Sure thing. This weekend he burned soooo hot. We didn't go over 104.2, but he was miserable. So, it was a reminder to me from my Lord to remember the focus He & I talked about for my January.

Refresh, refocus. Regroup, renew. ReFILL.
This was the plan. And I just thought I could share it with you. Like "go public" with my own personal DL (down-low-yo).
That was my point. Bryson got a headache. I got The Reminder.

I'm with ya.
I've still got your [photo-goodness] back.
But life happens. And God is good. He's got my back.
(And my crazy head. And my heart, too.)

I do this captivating thing for Him anyway, so when He says to me "Just be Mama" -- I say, "You da Boss."

So, my captivating peeps, it's a win-win. If He's taking care of me, how much more bettah will I then take care of you. Seriously. So the feverish weekend we had was the perfect physical "HELLO" to just hold these babes close. And closer still.

Stay tuned -- SweetHeart Glam details will arrive on the scene soon!
(Won't be long and you'll be holding your babes close in front of the lens! See now, how it all comes full circle...)


(And P.S. To my dismay, this blog post is typed in Title Case. Only because I typed it from the coziness of my bed from the phone my hubbs gave me for Christmas. And "un-capitalizing" all my letters is too time-consuming. My lowercase habits may bother you, but this Title Case thing is a-buggin' me. It is, however, NOTABIGDEAL, just a little factoid about the person who thinks she needs a clone. Ohhhh...heavenhelpus!)

(And P.P.S. Here is an iPhone pic of our Wii Mii's. These were designed by my oldest 2 children -- we've since added big sis Lauren Ashlee, Uncle Glenn, the grandparents. Random people named Kyha9. The Wii was a huge gift from Mom/Dad Trenkle. Good times.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Glam | SweetHeart-Glam | lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

happy new year!

as reluctant as i am to say this... i am going to have to confirm for you all, that january is here to stay! i can no longer deny that we've entered a new decade. it really is 2010. '09 was a spectacularly incredible year for me personally and for captivating. i experienced both smooth sailing and bumpy roads, cups running over, even a few scraped knees.

learn and grow, that's how i try to roll.

a humongous thank you goes out to everyone who was part of my first year of business, you make me smile! thank you for your faith and for... well! for captivating me! you KNOW who you are.

mark your calendars, my peeps:
coming up this month... SWEETHEART-Glam for Valentines Day. mmmm-hmmmmm.

you mamas can bring me your cherubs for some sweetheart goodness!
you mamas can allow me to capture some sweetheart goodness of YOU for your very first sweetheart... remember him? that man of yours? (be prepared, though. there IS potential sweeping-off-of-feeting by your hubby when he opens up his special captivating-style-keepsake Valentine...... hey! i'm just sayin'.)

January 22nd & 23rd ONLY
limited session availability.
i'm building the packages this week!
more details to follow, so save the date!