Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh yeah! i have a blog? | {captivating} photography by kellie trenkle

i just took a peek at my blog.
it's been nearly 2 months since my last post.

i'll tellya... i've had some good stuff going on behind the scenes of this neglected blog page.
i have been crazy busy with sports, special events, seniors and hey, my little ol' life with the man and my babes, of course!

visit my facebook page to see what i'm up to.
and take a peek at my website at http://www.kellietrenkle.com -- it's (as per usual) always a work in progress.

and head's up:
i've been thinking ahead to father's day.

it's one of those bittersweet days for me.
my own daddy has been gone since i was 17. i was a daddy's girl! still am. and so that's the bitter plus the sweet. (you can read more about that here and here, even here.)

it's sweeter now because healing has come. it's sweeter still because i am married to a man who adores his daughters. watching them reminds me what is was like to once be adored and loved and held by my own. there's nothing like a father's love. or the Father's love.

i spent this weekend in a cabin on the Oregon coast with some friends. it was sooo good for my soul. i came home refreshed and revived and ready, AGAIN, to be a daughter with a higher calling. to be a wife who prays for her husband. to be a mama who prays for her children.

not just in the midst of chaos or those "aaaghhghg!" moments or right before bed.
but purposefully and practically.

it reminded me to remember to remember.
father's day is coming.
and i have something {captivating} planned for those who are daughters.
and for those who are fathers.
it might be small.
it might be big.
it will be special.
we'll see how it comes together...