Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby T | newborn session | roseburg, oregon children's lifestyle photography

welcome to the world, elijah michael.
i found you absolutely captivating.
your temperment is so sweet.
but i'm not surprised.

i loved watching marybeth in her new role
as {beautiful} mama
holding her firstborn.

there's nothing sweeter than baby's breath and that soft newborn gaze.
is there?
although, gramma rubbing marybeth's tootsies was sweet.
and auntie hannah was preparing a feast in the kitchen
while daddy painted the doors to elijah's closet, too,
was all very sweet,
but the baby's breath
and soft skin
and sweet little nursing noises
and the fresh bebe aroma
tops all, in my book.
{i love being a photographer.
but not as much as i love being a mom.
there's no greater joy, marybeth.
relish every moment.}

yay, for Thompsons, party of three!

the leap! | a little about me | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

I’m Kellie Trenkle, of captivating photography & design co., located in southern Oregon.

I’m the girl with the camera and the vision. I have a full-time cheerleader/assistant/left-brained-genius-ista and a team of encouragers – my volunteer V.P.’s that for the past decade have encouraged me to step-up and embrace my creative vision and passion for photography.

My husband is my business manager. He’s got some serious smarts about the business side of things (with nearly 2 decades of upper management on his resume), and my four babes (ages 6 & under) are my inspiration, my models, and my cheerleaders.

I’ve always loved & treasured photos, but when my husband and I bought a Minolta film SLR camera for our 2001 wedding, I was hooked on being behind the lens and creating that short & sweet depth of field in my shots.

Fast-forward 7 years and four busy kiddos later, I was browsing CraigsList one night at 2:00a.m. looking for something additional I could do to help supplement our income. “Just making it” can be challenging at times.

I’ve been freelancing as a graphic designer & marketing consultant since 2003. It was pretty casual, about one design job per month, which was the perfect workload with my babes being so young, while we were simultaneously serving full-time as youth leaders for EPIC, our high school youth group, and homeschooling our oldest. We were already a busy family and I always wanted being a wife and mom to come first for me.

So, like a crazy woman, I sat at the computer contemplating creating Google ads, filling out online surveys for $2.50 for every 500,000 questions, or telemarketing. I even got lured into looking at a surrogacy website from one of the job listings (hey, $20,000 to carry a baby? I KNOW I’m good at that!).

[Ridiculous! Don’t try making any career decisions in the middle of the night – you’ll end up with lots of spam.]

Anyway, the next morning, my husband looked at me earnestly and said, “Babe, you don’t have time for a “job.” (True.) “But I know what you’re passionate about. God’s put some desires in your heart and if you’re wanting to bring in income, do what you’re passionate about – that’s where His will is.” And off to work he went. I got a call literally later that same day from a friend who wanted to know if I’d ever considered getting into sports team photography. “Funny you should ask…”

That week, I applied for a business license. I voraciously read several technical photography books, including Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, devoured everything written by Scott Kelby, bought a 50mm, joined some online forums, subscribed to kelbytrainingonline.com and would later take a class at the Umpqua Valley Arts Center. Late October 2008, I took the leap of faith going from freelancing to giving my dream a name – captivating photography & design co.

{This post was written in response to a 2009 interview published online by a professional printing company I use, you can also read it here on my blog in it's entirety.}

Saturday, March 6, 2010

a FRAGRANT love | personal | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

I'm @ WPPI in Las Vegas, huge opportunity and huge gift. My lab covered my costs. I've mentioned before that I want to marry them. And they take me to Vegas? There are chapels all over. But I'm happily married to my catch of a husband, so it's a non-issue. But still! I get to meet my friends face-to-face for the first time!

It just so happens to be the same week that I lost my dad. 14 years ago. Today actually.
I always like to record what's on my heart during the week of his memorial. For myself. For my kids. For my heart. And for my dad.
I was seventeen when we lost him. You can read my thoughts over at my family blog!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

babysitters then bellies | maternity | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

you know the nursery rhyme.

first comes love.
then comes marriage.
then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

well, for us, first came the babysitter.
{it's my story, i'll weave it how i wanna.}

make that two babysitters.
hannah and marybeth cared for our children for 3 or 4 solid years.
they were the first teens we trusted with our babes.
they were the first HUMAN BEINGS we left our children with overnight.
{we have no relatives here in southern oregon.}
these girls were a CATCH.

and a couple of gentlemen have found that to be true, too. {but that's another post.}

today's episode belongs to marybeth.
my husband, bryan, officiated marybeth and aaron's wedding almost two years ago.
and today they are headed to the hospital to deliver their first child!

take a peek at marybeth's pregnacious beauty and catch a glimpse of the lovey-doveyness that these still-newlyweds share.

can't wait to meet babyT!