Monday, June 29, 2009

all about the GROOM | wedding photography | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

this was so fun.
i shot this wedding a couple weeks ago, with another friend.
she was hired to document the bride's story.
and i was hired to follow the groom like i was papparazzi.
it had such a different feel -- it was so awesome!
good times.  good times.
here's a sneaky peek -- i'm still sorting thru faves!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pressing Play - Part II

Look at little miss Sweet Bebe who was 3-months when I did these portraits a few weeks ago!
Mommy, your girls take after you -- beautiful!

Friday, June 19, 2009

dance specials! | dance photography | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

Good news!

The Celebration Street SHOWCASE Collection is now available at my online Boutique.
Now, I will be clarifying some things in this post, so read THOROUGHLY & COMPLETELY to THOROUGHLY & COMPLETELY enjoy your shopping experience over @ my Boutique.

There are 3 Promos going on right now that I'm offering for Dance Families.

Take 15%-off all orders thru JUNE 25th using PROMO CODE: dance15.

4x6 Prints are only available for a limited time and they are 20%-off until JUNE 25th using PROMO CODE: 4x6special20.

This one is so fun... You have the option to sign in using one of the usernames below to have access to my full product line. And from now until JULY 15th you can save 25%-off on all keepsake albums that YOU & YOUR DANCER customize using Captivating's dance photography.

Now. This is where it might get a little tricky. You can only use images from within one gallery to create your album. SO, If you want to use images from BOTH the Pink Studio Life Collection AND the Showcase Collection, you'll need to go into that specific gallery (which I was promised would be up by Saturday morning and is a combination of all five galleries into one link) and sign-in using the username/password:

Does that make sense? Hope so. If not, call me or send me a 911 email. To save 25% on a custom keepsake album, enter PROMO CODE: keepsake25. Offer ends July 15th.

Just as a refresher and a little UPDATE on accessing the galleries, you'll need to use the usernames/passwords below and PLEASE NOTE that the Showcase gallery sign-in is different than I told you before.





For the Showcase Collection, sign-in using:

And to create custom albums and other customized photo gifts using images from both the pink Studio Life Collection and the Showcase Collection, sign-in using:

HEY! ALL the promo codes can be used in the same shopping experience! Fun stuff.
Ready to shop? Take a breather from all the information overload and go see those dancers. Woo-hoo!

Ohhhhh... and, please meet my sweet Kennabear. On the night of the recital I got to just be mommy in the audience & Little Miss tippied her little ballet-slippered-trenkletoes all over the stage. Yay, Kennady!

And I just have to share a sweet moment: my daughter in her daddy's arms after her very first big recital performance. (tummy flip) :o)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

celebration street showcase 2009 | dance photography | oregon lifestyle photographer

hello, dancers and dance families!
here's a little update for ya:
the Showcase 2009 Collection should be available by Saturday.
(Monday at the latest.)

and to celebrate a fun dance season, i'm offering all keepsake albums & petite portfolios at 25%-off! that means, with a username and password, you may access the whole Showcase Collection and pick and choose which Captivating images you like (and even upload some of your own) and create a gorgeous album that's just right for your budget.

petite to grand.
10 pages to 100 pages.
your choice.
at a savings of 25%-off.
the offer is good thru july 15th so you'll have plenty of time to create just the right design to showcase your dancer!

check back on saturday morning for the promo code!

Friday, June 12, 2009

a dancin' dot com | dance photography | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

Check out a little landing page for captivating photography & design @ http://kellietrenkle.com/! This is just one of the pages of the website I've been working on, it's a virtual shopping Boutique for my clients!

My Boutique is going live just in time for Celebration Street's 11th Annual Dance Showcase which is tomorrow night at 7pm! I've spent hours shooting during their class time and I was privileged enough to do their live action photography at their dress rehearsal. Aaaaaaaaand... I will be selling both collections of proofs as a fund raiser for C-Street. (Wait until you see these on Metallic Paper -- O.Mi.Goodness! I keep telling my friends at my lab that if I wasn't already so happily married, I would marry the photo lab. They are sooooo good to me and gooooood at what they do!)

Right now the Studio Life Collection is available in four different galleries. If your child is a student at C-Street, you'll find those photos under the day of week they attend class. From now until June 25th, order online and receive a 15%-off discount. All sales thru 6/25 will be part of the fund raiser. Use promo code: dance15.

Sign-in to have access to a full-line of my professional lab products, design your own keepsake albums using my photos and yours, create novelty gifts for friends and family all while benefitting C-Street!!!

USERNAMES & PASSWORDS have been created depending on which day of the week your child has class:




Check back next week to view the Showcase Collection, but see it in-person and in-print tomorrow night! Oh -- and do come say hi, I have a special somethin'-somethin' if you mention this blog post!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pressing Play - Part I

Soooo, my plate has been more like a buffet table lately! It's been more than full! But I'm getting back to a little bit of normalcy. And after pausing some other projects so I could remain sane, I am now ready to press play. Let the catching up begin!

Here's a fun mini-session from mid-April with a sweet little girl I get to see every month! The Mama and I have been friends for years (hi, sis!) and baby was born as a best friend for my youngest daughter. (Thank you, thank you!)

These shots are from Sweet Girl's 7-month portraits. I'll tell you what, I was going to apply for ownership rights to her Cerulean Blues but Mom and Dad had first dibbs. (Psh.) But don't they just look like they BELONG in front of my camera. All the time? They're like mirrors! They're, well, I'll tell ya... they're captivating! Right?

Yep. Had to get a closer look, did you? Me, too!
I am so in love with Sweet Girl's blues!
She was watching Daddy twirl Mommy's yellow [Mary Engelbreit] umbrella.
Love it!

Fun Fact:
This is the Mama's rocker
that HER mother had HER sitting in
for portraits
when SHE was 7-months old.
THAT. Is cool.

Here it is in Black and White.
Trippy, huh!


The toes.
I can't explain it, I just love photographing feet.
My husband doesn't get it.
(He does not love feet.)
Seriously, baby Toes are irresistible, tho.
Come on!