Friday, July 9, 2010

especially for my IDAHO peeps | *twinkling* family sessions | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

stylishly vivid, custom lifestyle photography for charmingly fresh, stylishly fun people! i'm all about capturing you and bringing out the life and color, love, joy and grace in each image! and since i'm going to be back home in IDAHO -- monteview & idaho falls -- for several days next month, i'm excited to announce that i'll be offering *twinkling* mini-sessions... idaho style!

august 17th & 18th
book a {solo} or {style} session!
limited number of sessions available.
southeast idaho locations TBA.
i'll be scouting for both urban and rustic spots upon arrival, but hey...

submit your location ideas here, in comment form, and if your suggestion is chosen, you win a complimentary 5x7 from your *twinkling* session.

contact me thru my website or thru facebook for more info!


birthdays & such | personal | roseburg, oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

here i am again.
busy behind the scenes.
this time with behind-the-scenes type stuff.
mommy stuff.
wifey stuff.

my baby turned 2.
my youngest son turned 4.
we celebrated our anniversary (no.9) this week.

i have two weeks to wrap up all my un-done-ness.
my husband and i are leading a mission trip to mexico for EPIC our high school youth group on 7.24 and i have to dot my i's and cross my t's before then because right when we get back, i'm on the road to IDAHO to visit my folks & allow the family to spoil my trenkletoes for a bit.

so, the goal is to tackle my to-do list with a vengeance and still make time to feed the children, play in the sprinklers, bake in the sunshine and smooch my man. if you're waiting for {captivating} photo goodness, rest-assured you will not be neglected!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

dutch baby | {solo} session | roseburg, oregon children's photographer, kellie trenkle

and here we are again with little miss anna... she must be the poster child for {captivating} or something. she's always on here! here's the deal... mama is on the {captivating} team, so we must highlight her firstborn child over and over and over again!

anna's parents, will & krystal, chose the location for their daughter's 18mo portraits because of the DAFFODILS! krystal (and now anna) is a dutch girl and wore the little duds she put on anna when she was this same age... now those are the SWEETEST hand-me-downs, yeah? vintage all the way, baby.

we shot at the quaint little calapooia church near umpqua, oregon, where (ahhhem) will & krystal were married nearly 5 years ago! so a really fun, special little session.

{solo} sessions are 1-subject sessions and are perfect for high school seniors, bebeGLAM, mamaGLAM, etc... you can read about them in my information section on my website!