Thursday, October 29, 2009

the mini, short & sweet | the *TWINKLING* sessions | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

the christmas season is around the corner! i haven't actually calculated it myself, but i think i saw somewhere that there are only 10 weeks until christmas. for those of you who enjoy sending out cards to friends and family for christmas or new year's, i have the session for you!

it's a simple, super-fast, sweet little session for the sole purpose of capturing that annual family portrait -- captivating style. you'll be thrilled with the end result -- all because you showed up and let me [make goofy sounds at your children in an effort to get them to think i'm crazy -- i mean smile...] shoot some portraits of your little family in the twinkling of an eye!
  • the *TWINKLING* session is only available on november 7, 2009.
  • limited number of sessions available
  • at Celebration Ranch (about 10 minutes outside of Roseburg)
  • sessions are 30-minutes
  • includes an online gallery of 10-15 un-retouched proof images
  • and 25-5x7 flat cards incorporating your favorite image

  • $75.00
  • *PLUS* (because i just can't help it) as my gift to you, you'll also receive an 8x10 deluxe print!

  • session times available:
    9:00 booked
    9:45 booked
    10:30 booked

the fine print: this session includes 1 gorgeously-captivatingly-artistically enhanced image! for those of you who end up having more than one "favorite", you may upgrade to a print package with more options. those upgrades/add-ons will be made available at the time of your session and orders may be placed after viewing your online gallery!

P.S. captivating is teaming up with amy from amy holst limelight images who is also offering this fun and fresh annual-family-portrait-capturing-mini-session! if you book soon -- you should be able to spend part of a saturday morning hanging out with ONE of US!

i photographed amy & her family a couple weeks ago and it was fun to shoot another photographer's family portraits -- she knew what she had in mind -- her vision was to hang out and ROCK ON with her family. they even ended up with an audience!

and lastly, because the season of giving is upon us, i'll be giving away one *TWINKLING* session! so, in the comments section, please nominate a family that you know would be so blessed by a short & sweet family session. you can even nominate yourself!

there's only two rules to qualify:
rule#1-post the link to this post on your facebook profile or in an email to spread the word! (cc me in the email! kellie_trenkle @ yahoo.com)
rule#2-then, come back to my blog and in the comments section of this blog post, tell me why you are thankful that the family you are nominating is part of your life -OR- if you are nominating yourself, list 5 things you are thankful for in 2009.

the catch:
if you nominated the family selected, you'll receive a sweet score of a gift from captivating!

the *TWINKLING* winner will be selected randomly by my three-year-old at noon NEXT thursday, november 5th.

Monday, October 26, 2009

gray day = vivid play | trenkletoes fall09 | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

last week was a crazy busy week. we are down to one vehicle. for 2 busy adults and 4 active children! for the most part, it has worked out fine. our tahoe hasn't been double booked. i did take my husband to work last wednesday so that i could have wheels that night and on the way home i was playing tour guide, as we moms often do when chauffering our kids, "Look guys, cows!!!" so, i pointed out the pumpkin patch. and guess what, instead of heading straight home to get busy with their schooling and my working, we headed straight home to dress appropriately for a field trip to the farm/orchard. we took the day off. sometimes, we just have to play!

it was a grayish, chilly day for the first time in all the years i've taken the kids to the patch -- seems like i could never get there until noon, which is not an optimal hour for outdoor portrait-quality pics of the kids. gray days are GREAT DAYS for outdoor pictures -- think Gray Day equals Vivid Play! and let's see, the dirt clods and the canopy of trees were the highlight of the trip for my kids. the dirt clods were awesome! kennady couldn't keep from running thru the orchard and spinning in delight in complete awe of the saffron boughs overhead and the thrill of the light rain falling on her sweet face... sighhhhhh.

i found myself appreciating the colorful order of the rows of trees in the orchard. the view struck a chord with me, it almost reminded me of my marriage. my husband is magnetically drawn to order and is so naturally organized. i appreciate that, because i am sooooooo much not built that way. (i love love love when everything is in it's place, but it's most likely not because of me!) i find myself drawn to the colorfully chaotic go-with-the-flow rhythms in life, i'm an adapt-er. and in that orchard, the orderly rows of trees and the colorful artistry of the trees dropping their leaves for the season is leaving a gorgeous blanket of disorderly leaves on the ground. the order innately part of the beautiful disorder. but yet, it's so magnificently part of God's creative creation design.

and the best part of it all was seeing my kids run thru it! God has an intensely beautiful design, doesn't he? in me, in him and our kids -- in that orchard.

i love autumn. i think more pumpkin bars need to go in the oven, it's raining. mmmmm. coffee, crafting kids. cozy.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ruby & the Irwins | *CHARMING* the deluxe family session | kellie trenkle, oregon lifestyle photographer

this is the family of krystal irwin, one of my very best friends and a behind-the-scenes V[i]P for captivating. krystal was one of my first friends in the area when we moved to roseburg almost 9 years ago. my first friend was her mama.

we had quite the scheduling melodrama for our *CHARMING* session. first, they moved. then, i was booked. then the rains came. but we finally made it happen! on a rainy sunday afternoon in about 50 degree weather. we found shelter. and then, the heavens parted and there was blue sky! so we shot in a few locations. it was fun!!! thanks to jake & june for the use of your truck to haul miss Ruby! (i'm still shopping the classifieds for her own personal trailer -- every superstar needs a "trailer" on set, right?)

i'm quite attached to this family. there, i said it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ruby, the McGregors & the Beach | *CHARMING* the deluxe family session | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

well, Ruby and I had quite an adventure a couple weekends ago when we headed out for our *CHARMING* beach session. she's definitely a looker. she had some admirers. from the front desk guy at the red lion to the quirky gulls who poked around the sand for their morning snack. loved it! she even had paparazzi as we carried her from the beach back to the truck! they pointed and shooted at her! huge thanks to my friend, kristin, for loaning me the big ford truck -- it was perfect!

my *CHARMING* family was awesome. carole booked her session with me back in february, boy did i chat her up about Ruby at sunrise. i could just "SEE" the images unfold in my mind. she jumped at it! i researched the tides & temps & times predicted for our sunrise session, i'll tell you what, we set a date and met up at 5:45 in the morning, so we wouldn't miss that sweet light -- we were ready! uh, but we were a little early (like 55-minutes) because sunset bay is in a cove with a hill and suuuuuper tall evergreens. but nonetheless, the predicted "clear" morning was accurate -- it would be (and was) the perfect day for a beach session. and i am just thrilled with how easy-going they were and how EASY this family is ON THE EYES. thank you, mcgregors, for the fun morning! here are some images to tide you over until the image collection is complete!

carole purchased these dresses with Ruby in mind. she was thinking ahead to christmas cards! she told me she'd loan the girls' dresses out to any families who also want to complement Ruby's own plush, velvety upholstery. (is that cool or what??? email me if you have girls ages 7-12 and we'll let carole know she's got a deal.)

this last image is my fave.
i can't wait for my next *CHARMING* session!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

new sessions coming up! | the *twinkling* session | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle

just so you know, i will be offering mini-sessions in november. they shall be captivating's *TWINKLING* sessions. possibly with Ruby. these are perfect for that annual family photo. more information to follow -- check back soon for the details!

she had me at hello | bebe-glam session | oregon lifestyle photographer, kellie trenkle


this sweet girl had me at hello. about 3 months ago i was with my family at fred meyer and this new mama came strolling by, completely unaware what would unfold when she walked thru the automatic doors near electronics.

i have that baby-itch thing going on lately (and i still HAVE an itty-bitty!) and so my eye catches every infant carrier and every baby bjorn with a baby inside... bright eyed ones tug at my heart strings, but sleeping babes? it's over, i melt. and so then i run to squeeeeeze mine, all four of 'em, so tight, that they struggle to wriggle free like so many earthworms.

ANYWAY. the point. [my new friend] megan had NO IDEA i would stalk her in the lobby of fred meyer and ogle her bright-eyed baby, make all 5 of my family members ogle her bright-eyed baby, including introducing my husband so he could ogle the bright-eyed baby. i told her that i would love to have little Miss Irresistible in front of my camera, just for me, purely for selfish reasons -- cuz, omiheavens! this sweet girl's soft curly black hair and catch-light-full eyes HAD me at hello.

thanks for indulging me, megan & blessing!!!
(by the way... it turns out that megan & blessing are missionaries on maternity leave from YWAM missions -- they met & fell madly in love in AFRICA!!! whoah. their love story is almost right up their with my own [walmart] romance. ALMOST. wink*)