Monday, April 13, 2015

Living in the Little House on Lane | DIY Daybed with Storage

We have moved into a gorgeous 1937 Cape Cod and Kennady and I dreamed up a space for her in the dormer window in her room. I wanted to have a functional daybed with lots of storage below but also incorporate the trundle concept for sleepovers. So I dreamed up in my head this little shindigg. It's a custom-built daybed frame that opens from a Twin size to a King size! We'll skip the box spring and use two twin mattresses and stack them. When company comes or when she has a friend sleepover, we can open up the bed and slide the extra mattress over!  The daybed has completely open storage below - which is a dream for keeping toys stashed until they're played with. Our toy totes are the 10.5" Sterilite crates found in the office supply section of WalMart and they can stack two-high under this bad boy!  It's big enough for a fort!

I am still working on the bedskirt -- standard skirts have a 14" drop and an 18" skirt would still be short four inches. So for now, I layered two sheer drapes and a standard skirt. I just used masking tape to keep the sheers in the right spot to create a tiered ruffle look.

Also getting dreamed up is an upholstered headboard - but Kennabear and I need to find the fabric first. I'll be able to pull the Pottery Barn matelasse bolsters, daybed cover, and daybed skirt out of storage. Last used in her nursery on the twin bed before we had TWO baby girls in that room. I'm so excited to use them again!

Here's a pic from the Pottery Barn products from their website:

Can't wait to continue this project! :)

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